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I am an office lady. I am very busy in the daily work so there is no time for
me to make boy friend. When come back home after work, I always feel tired and want to do nothing but rest. As the age increased, I hope to build a happy and comfortable family with a man who love and be loved by me. My parents and relatives are all worried ......
I am a divorced lady with a child. I dont know how long I can insist in this way when I first come to loveEcho. Also I dont know whether LoveEcho .com can help me find the long lost love spring back.After registered, I began to search in a wide scope, skimmed over male membersprofiles and sent winksto ....
on inteI fancy surfingrnet. One day I searched a website named LoveEcho.I received a lot of winks everyday. A Canadian was very honest to me among the others. He wrote to me everyday. He said he would come to China to see me after a month. I told this to my friends, all of them are envious of my foreign boyfriend.
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