I am an office lady. I am very busy in the daily work so there is no time for me to make boy friend. When come back home after work, I always feel tired and want to do nothing but rest. As the age increased, I hope to build a happy and comfortable family with a man who love and be loved by me. My parents and relatives are all worried about me. One of my friends told me there was a foreign marriage website named LoveEcho where owns numerous excellent members. I registered with a manner of try and hoped to find my Mr Right as soon as possible. I searched on line for a log time but didn’t find my favorite all the time. Finally, I
used under- line service of LoveEcho. After analysing my requirement and viepoint on marriage I detail, consultant chose a suited mate for me. He wrote in his profile that he was a company’s manager. He liked to travel all over he world with his families and friends. As manager, why does he have so much time to travel? I feel curious about it. In China, everyone is busy no matter what is your company or what is your position. It is not easy if you have time to go shopping and chat with your family. He said I am that kind of woman who he likes. We began to know more about each other such as daily life, family, work, viewpoint on marriage and so on. I knew the life and work  in western country was more relaxed than those in China. Besides, social welfare is better and the traffic is not that jammed. People have more to do things they like.After communicating by letters for several months, he wanted to visit me in China and make our relation go a further step. I consented to it. We felt satisfied to each other when we met. Our love finally blossom out. I know, I won’t marry other men except him.
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