I am a divorced lady with a child. I don’t know how long I can insist in this way when I first come to loveEcho. Also I don’t know whether LoveEcho.com can help me find the long lost love spring back.After registered, I began to search in a wide scope, skimmed over male members’profiles and sent “winks”to them. At first, my search limited to domestic range. I don’t know there are numerous overseas members’information until I found a canadian’s profile unconsciously. I sent him a “wink”.Unexpectedly, he sent a “wink” back to me the nextday. I was pleasantly surprised.His appearance, age, height and education are all

accord with my requirement, but my English ability is so-so and I can’t express my thought and feeling well in English. Besides, I feared of difference between Chinese cilture and western culture. I think there will be misunderstanding when we communicate with each other. Fortunately, consultant gave me many good suggestions in correspondence and translator helped me express what I thought correctly. After getting his contact method, we began corresponding with each other. I found he was a kind person who would tell me everything I wanted to know and loved Chineses culture.He didn’t mind I was a divorced woman and still had a child with me. We have lots in common and both feel it is fate brings us together. Both of us are eager to see each other, so we decided to meet in China. I told our relationship to my friends and they gave me their bless.He booked plane ticket and came to China to visit me soon. I was too excited to express in words. When I first saw him at airport, oh my God, he was far more handsome than the man in the photos. I am exalted. Still, he met my family and my child. He loved my child and accepted him. We felt it was difficult to be parted after our meeting. He was unwilling to leave China and leace me, so we decided to get married. He told me he would come to China again and bring me a beautiful and shiny ring. We will be married at a registry in China.
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